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Prana Gives Back

“Since 2018 Prana Principle has shown an invaluable commitment to the development work that PIER Institute is doing every day to improve the health, wellness and safety of our most vulnerable communities in the poorest parts of Colombia.  These programs are a jumping off point to next reach out to other communities in need around the world.”

– Rich Mitchell, Executive Director PIER Institute

Since 2018, Prana Principle has been helping PIER Institute build a portfolio of projects in Colombia, South America, related to health, nutrition, education, and clean water.

Each project serves over 100 people in very poor and impoverished areas. Prana Principle’s contributions are funding the development of programs in Colombia that will eventually be used in other countries in areas of need.  Volunteers meet with community leaders in advance to learn about each area and assess their challenges then create an individualized program to serve their greatest needs. Below are just a few of the recent events.

Children's Nutrition Fair

Volunteers led discussions with attendees about healthy diets, food safety and how to maximize nutrition  with a very limited food supply. Children and their families received nutritional supplements, healthy food and educational support.  They also were given health and hygiene kits.

School Supplies Fair

Volunteers met with teachers, parents and children in an effort to improve the education and facilities at community schools.  Each school communicated their greatest needs, and the volunteers worked to meet those needs.  Volunteers provided services from painting buildings, to providing blackboards and equipment, to delivering school supply kits to children.  With the support of Prana and PIER Institute, schools are able to build a library and create a better learning and teaching environment for these extremely impoverished neighborhoods. 

Children's Fair Health

Typically, health fairs serve over 80 children.  Dentists and medical doctors traveled  with the PIER Institute team to provide valuable health services at these events. For example, at this fair all of the children were provided with free dental checkups, fluoride treatments, dental hygiene kits and dental health education.  For most of these kids, it was the only dental appointment they had ever had access to. Every health fair also includes a proven program for teenagers that helps to educate and protect them against human trafficking, which is an urgent and devastating problem in these communities.

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