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Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy While in Quarantine

Remember when we thought this whole quarantine thing would be over in two weeks? Now that it’s clear we’ll be hanging out at home for a while, we need to find ways to keep ourselves entertained indoors. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to avoid that constant desire to leave the house:

Start a new Hobby

When have you had this much time to just do what you want? Whether it’s learning to draw, picking up dance moves from Tik Tok or practicing a language, you have plenty of time to try something new now.

Exercising while social distancing

Don’t let your gym closing keep you from your workout routine. You can still go outside and walk/run in your neighborhood. There are also plenty of free videos online you can play from the comfort of your home. 

Have a self care day

Pamper yourself with a spa day! I personally love our Prana Principle™ Cellulose Face Mask with CBD. Pop on some relaxing jazz, place the mask on and destress. And, if you want to enjoy a bit more pampering, use our CBD Moisturizing Body Oil. it has lavender to help you get to a whole new level of relaxation.

Build a fort

You’re never too old to become a pillow and blanket architect. 

Take a deep breath and practice meditation 

Self guided or not, meditating is a great way to shut off all those negative thoughts circling in your mind. Download the Calm app on your phone for some extra help! 

Spoil your pet 

Our furry friends are loving all this extra attention. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, go give them all the pets. You both will feel better after. 

Dress to impress and order food online

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Have a fancy night in with local delivery. Restaurants need our support right now. And if you’re not cooking, why not get a little glammed up? 

Watch a movie online with friends

With online programs like Zoom, Skype, and even Facetime, you can still have a good movie night with the friends.

Pick up that video game that you never beat

For our resident gamers, we all have a horde of video games that we’ve been ignoring for our newer ones. Time to finally get to that next level!

Binge watching your favorite shows

I know you’re also coping with Friends being taken off of Netflix, how could they be so cruel?! Thankfully you can still binge watch Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec! Sitting on the couch all day is no longer something we have to feel bad about. 

Bake or cook a masterpiece 

Cooking is a great distraction, plus you’ll have something delicious to eat when you’re done. Make something elaborate or remake that secret family recipe while you’re stuck inside. 

Create a 5 year plan for when everything is back to normal

I think all this time inside has made us realize we should take advantage of our freedom. Make a goal board or a five year plan you can start as soon as this quarantine is over. 

There might be some days you’re not up for any of these activities, and that is okay. Try to stay positive. Even getting out of bed is an accomplishment these days. As long as you’re staying inside and doing your part to flatten the curve, you’re doing plenty. 

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