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The Hemp Advancement Act - A Push for More Regulatory Clarity

The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 and its implications for the industry

Under the regulations established by the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp growers, processors, and CBD product manufacturers are still struggling to make the most of this critically important commodity. Among other things, they are still facing difficulties navigating convoluted THC testing and transportation requirements.

The provisions in the promising new hemp legislation referred to as The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 would make it easier and more profitable for U.S. farmers to grow hemp, while ensuring that consumers of hemp are protected against adulterated or unsafe products. Further, hemp farmers who have made mistakes in their past are permanently barred from growing one of the most promising agricultural commodities. The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 would do the following to address these issues—

  1. Raise the legal THC threshold for hemp in the field from 0.3% delta-9 THC to 1.0% total THC, providing farmers with needed flexibility to avoid having to destroy fields of “hot” hemp (hemp material that tests above the legal THC threshold.
  2. Repeal the controversial drug felon ban which prevents most persons with a felony drug-related conviction from obtaining a hemp license
  3. Remove the DEA monopoly on registering laboratories for testing hemp
  4. Provide additional protections for the processing and transportation of “hot” hemp
  5. Revise the legal THC threshold for consumable hemp products from 0.3 % delta-9 THC to 0.3% total THC, providing separate regulatory pathways for non-intoxicating hemp and intoxicating adult-use cannabis products

Help pass The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022

Head to the US Hemp Roundtable's Action Center to contact your representative and ask them to co-sponsor The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022.

Together we can help advance the U.S. hemp industry.


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